6GMOBILE is a next generation Mobile Operator fully licensed and operational in the Netherlands. 6GMOBILE offers a range of mobile communication services that combine the strengths and structures of GSM with the agility and flexibility of the Internet. 6GMOBILEoffers turnkey services ranging from prepaid consumer oriented mobile services to integrated converged mobility solutions to Corporate customers. 6GMOBILE is a pioneer in the development and deployment of integrated Mobile Internet services, turning customer handsets into mobile communication devices for voice, audio and data oriented communication services. 6GMOBILE has deployed state of the art back-office systems enabling extremely fast service deployment at attractive unit costs.

6GMOBILE delivers its services in close corporations with its key partners such as PortingXS. PortingXS has proven to be a flexible partner, able to adjust to our ever changing needs. PortingXS number portability service is now fully integrated in our customer management systems, making smooth number porting possible for our customers.



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