From its “Fibre Optic Center” in Eindhoven the company Edutel delivers telephony and internet services to several fibre optic networks in the Eindhoven region. In the last decade Edutel has grown into a professional organization with 90 staff. Edutel has been involved in the development of fibre optic services in the Eindhoven region since 2004. It now concentrates on delivering triple play services on these networks.

‘When Edutel started its telephony servies in 2004, we encountered the issue of number portability. We either had the choice to develop theses services ourselves or choose a partner to deliver these services. The latter was chosen. PortingXS has been the Number Portabilty partner for five years now. This to great satisfaction of Edutel. Besides this PortingXS’ number porting solution has been fully integrated into our automated service delivery system. This system we use to activate services on the fibre optic networks. Thanks to PortingXS number portability is one issue less to worry about!”, according to Bas van der Kolk, marketing manager of Edutel.



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